Farmpro provides health care solutions for livestock using IoT technology.
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  • As the livestock industry grows, acquiring connectivity to the cattles is getting more important. About 1.5 billion cattles are raised over the world and the need for solutions for a small number of farmers to effectively manage large-scale cattle has increased.
    Fampro has developed a livestock health monitoring system and an artificial insemination solution based on IoT technology.
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FarmPlusCare, a real-time livestock monitoring service, is a service that monitors the temperature and activity of large livestock such as cattles in real time to help manage their health. It collects the temperature and activity of cattles every 10 minutes using IoT Ear-Tag, and predicts the health of cattles, their estrus and birth timing utilizing analysis algorithms based on big data to provide real-time notification to farmers.

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  Checking the health status of cattles using real-time body temperature and activity
  Big data analysis and delivery with artificial intelligence technology (PC or App)
  Ultra-low power and high durability of dual bonded structures for using more than five years
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  On the LMS Web Service screen, you can view the individual information and health status of all cattles that are equipped FarmPlusCare and raised on the farm, and collectively manage the cattles birth, estrus, insemination, pregnancy, and delivery schedules.

  When detecting cattle’s high body temperature, changed activity, or a symptom of estrus or birth, real-time push notification to the farm owner on the LMS server sends.

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Farmpro’s smart artificial insemination solution, Farmking, is a large animal smart artificial insemination device that is equipped with an endoscopic camera at the end of the device to visually identify and inseminate observing livestock’s inner vagina through a mobile screen connected to the device.

Easy to inseminate, safe to the animal much higher conception possibility!

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    • perfect self-insemination ICON
    Self-insemination with No fail
    • farmking farmpluscare solution ICON
    Farmking + FarmPlusCare Solution
    • accurate body tempera-ture maasurement of livestock ICON
    Accurate body tempera-ture measurement of livestock
    • fulfillment of animal welfare and producion of high-qualit meat ICON
    Fulfillment of Animal Welfare and Production of high-quality meat

Animal Welfare, Goal, Collaboration

Farmpro reduces the suffering of these animals and further practices animal love.
Farmpro is committed to helping farmers in economic hardships and developing livestock farms.